Describe your business/career/what you do in a few sentences.

I help heart-centred entrepreneurs earn more income while staying aligned with their purpose. We clear any blocks to owning what you do, to being visible, and earning money so that you can truly do what you love in the world and be well paid for it!

Describe to us what being of service means to you.

For me, in means really holding the space for someone to transform. That space includes compassion, non-judgment, reflections and sometimes a kick in the pants to get you into action. It’s about being fully present to the person in front of you, helping them see an exciting vision for their life and guiding them to live into that vision.

What would you say is the biggest thing other women (your clients perhaps) struggle with when it comes to feeling self-confident personally or professionally?

I would say it’s looking outside of yourself – for validation, acceptance, direction. I think we do need to reach out for support and guidance at different points in our lives and I’d recommend that when it feels right but our truest power comes from within us.  My biggest passion is to help women connect to who they are at their core and then express that in the world. To expand their sense of self and personal power.

How have you changed since becoming a successfully entrepreneur?

I have had to grow myself in order to grow my business. As I’ve grown, so has my business. It wasn’t always easy but there was always a kind of a non-negotiable thing with my spirit – not a desire to pack things in but to continue to pursue my path. I’ve developed a resilience and pushed myself to do things that have been uncomfortable. I’m grateful that I have to achieve the level of success I have and know that there is much more to come!

What in your life is really important to you?

My husband, my cutie pie dog, my family and friends, my connection to spirit, nature – my home on the lake and hiking in the trees, my health, supporting charities that are meaningful and opportunities to see and experience new things.

What compliment do you receive the most?

That I’m grounded and have ‘good’ energy 😁

Lightning Round

  • The next place I want to travel: Africa
  • My favourite colour: Green
  • The last movie I watched: A doc on vegan athletes – interesting
  • Sweet or Salty? Salty
  • My favourite game/toy as a kid: My big doll (same size as me)
  • The best meal I make: Mini lasagnas
  • Introvert or Extrovert? Introvert
  • The book I am currently reading: Let the Elephants Run by David Usher
  • My favourite way to relax: Tea and journal on the balcony (or couch)
  • The most recent habit/practice I have added to my life: Cardio dance
  • Cat or Dog person? Dog!
  • Your best personal attribute/character trait? Empathy

Andra is a Life Purpose Coach, Law of Attraction Coach, Reiki Practitioner and Tapping into Wealth Coach.

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