Change is Possible.
Your Life is about Choice.
You can live a life
of your own creation…


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7 steps to living a life of your own creation

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Hi, I’m Karla Smith!

I am a Personal Transformational Coach, Speaker, Writer/Blogger, and Optimism Expert dedicated to guiding people to live a life full of optimism and joy!

10 years ago, I decided to completely transform every aspect of my life.

I am passionate about sharing my beautiful life, as well as, the journey I took from my dark days.

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I know what it feels like to want to make things different but feel as though the roadblocks in the way are too big. We all have a great vision for our lives but can get in our own way.

Instinctually, we often resist change to protect ourselves from uncertainty and danger. Choosing to change can feel unsafe, too vulnerable and threatening even though how we are currently living feels unacceptable and is no longer serving us.

As your Personal Transformation Coach, I will help you create a whole new approach to embracing change, so you feel capable and equipped to face life with confidence, optimism, and joy.


Whatever obstacles you are facing, together we can overcome them and create a new positive path for your life.



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