When we choose self-love,

Change is always possible.

You can live the life

you want and deserve.

You can live a life

of your own creation.

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When we choose self-love,

Change is always possible.

You can live the life you want and deserve.

You can live a life of your own creation.

Hi, I’m Karla Smith!

I am a Personal Transformation Coach dedicated to showing people how to love themselves deeply and live a life of their own creation.

10 years ago, I hit rock-bottom. Life as I knew it, didn’t seem worth living. I desperately wanted things to be different, but a lack of confidence, self-worth and self-compassion kept dragging me down. It got so bad I decided I needed to end my life. Even though that day was the darkest I have ever had, I realized that I had a choice…to end things or learn to love myself. I chose self-love.

Step by step I transformed every aspect of my life with the belief that choosing self-love leads to a life of joy and fulfillment. Today I have a wonderful new relationship, a gorgeous life, and have become a successful Coach, Speaker, Writer, and Self-Love Expert.

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We all have a great vision for our lives but without self-love we get in our own way, halting our progress and success.

When we learn to love ourselves, we feel:
ALIGNED with our authentic selves, EXCITED to live the life we’ve always wanted, and EMPOWERED to take daily actions to make them come true!

As your Personal Transformation Coach, I will show you how to love yourself deeply, and teach you the practices, attitudes, and beliefs you need to face life with confidence, optimism, and joy.



hearts full of self-love

Working with Karla has been an absolute pleasure. I felt equal parts heard, supported and challenged throughout the process. She helped me recognize thought patterns that are no longer serving me and helped me learn new strategies and tools to help me continue the work of changing those beyond our sessions. A heartfelt thank you Karla! I know I am moving through life differently now thanks to your encouragement and guidance.

Thank you, Laurissa


hearts full of self-love

Karla has a unique ability to help you pull the thread to unwind the knot and get to the core of what is needed to transform. Through my work with her, I have aligned my values, dealt with my inner critic and have come up with new choices and actions that feel congruent and are producing results in both my life and my business!! She’s wonderful:)

– Andra Wochessen –


hearts full of self-love

Karla has been my coach for almost 10 months and I can honestly say that I have truly grown as a person.  Karla has taught me about the assertive win/win way to getting what you want thru positive interactions and communication.  She has helped me to recognize my true feelings and to dig deeper, she also has facilitated my implementing tools which I now use in my everyday life to help me get support and cope with life’s challenges.  I am living a much more balanced full bodied life taking care of myself in a holistic manner and creating goals and plans to meet things head on!  As a result I am growing my business and am less overwhelmed by life!  I highly recommend Karla Smith for true growth and forward momentum!!!

– Debbie Bunze –


hearts full of self-love

I had the extreme pleasure of being coached by Karla.  Never before have I met such a warm and welcoming person.  This allowed me to feel very safe and free to express all my true feelings and emotions.  Her insight into my life, understanding of the roadblocks from my past and how they were affecting all areas of my current life (both personal and professional), were so helpful in comparison to any therapy I have done before. Although not always easy, I enjoyed working through the exercises together to gain a deeper understanding of who I am and the changes I needed to make to be happier in the future.  I would recommend Karla in a heartbeat to anyone wanting to better their life!

– Alison Youell-Verge –


hearts full of self-love

I reached out to Karla at a time in my life when I was OK – no rock bottom, but I also wanted to make some changes and was stuck. Karla’s guided process really opened my eyes to seeing how my past trauma was still influencing my decisions of today. Her openness to sharing her own story made my own story seem not so scarry anymore!

Working through the process each week with her, has given me perspective and made my challenge of creating change seem not that overwhelming anymore. Karla’s joyful presence made each session the highlight of my week.

Liz H.



hearts full of self-love

I was immediately captivated by Karla’s pure joy, energy and positivity.  I had spent several years in traditional therapy unpacking and processing my past experiences. The issue I was now faced with was how to continue to move forward.

Karla skillfully guided me. Her compassionate and engaging personality allowed us to form a trusting, patient relationship. Together we unpacked the bag I had been carrying for so many years and thoughtfully sorted through its contents. Karla coached me on how and what I needed to let go of, what could be mended and kept and what new could be added to make its contents stronger and healthier.

It’s been a liberating and empowering experience and I continue to work with Karla.  I now feel equipped with the skills to do things differently!  Thank you Karla”




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