The Everyday Optimist Membership with Karla Smith Personal Transformation Coach

Confidently Practicing Assertive Communication

Laser Coaching Package

This coaching package helps you to learn assertive communication techniques and behaviours that build self-confidence and provides many other benefits for improving your relationships in the many areas of your life.

You will discover your current style of communication with the most important relationships you currently have, be assessed on your ability to be assertive in various situations, learn the techniques and practices of assertive communication and behaviour and create and implement plans to use these techniques in the relationships that need it most. 
Andra Wochesen
“Karla has a unique ability to help you pull the thread to unwind the knot and get to the core of what is needed to transform. Through my work with her, I have aligned my values, dealt with my inner critic and have come up with new choices and actions that feel congruent and are producing results in both my life and my business!! She’s wonderful!”
Andra W. (Client)

“Her insight into my life, understanding of the roadblocks from my past and how they were affecting all areas of my current life (both personal and professional), were so helpful in comparison to any therapy I have done before.”

– Alison V. (Client)