The Everyday Optimist Membership with Karla Smith Personal Transformation Coach

A world-wide community for women who prioritize

self-love, creating clear vision for their lives and cultivating deep connection with others today!

I started The Monday Morning Mantra Collective because I saw a need for a safe space where I could share, lead and help people to see the power of self love and how it can completely change all aspects of their lives.

It needed to be a space where women who share a love of learning and believe in the deeper work and know that doing the work makes all the difference.

It is a community where it’s safe to stretch and grow, it’s a place to be our most vulnerable selves and know that we are supported.


This membership is an evolution of a regular weekly public call I hosted for many years. And when I decide to create this beautiful community my goal was to build on the weekly Monday Mantra calls and offer a collection of equally transformative resources and events.

A lot of what’s included in the membership are exercises and action steps that I use in my private coaching practice!

If you’re interested in hearing more about the origin story of The Monday Mantra Collective you can watch the segment I did with Susan Hay.

Karla Smith and Susan Hay

It’s so much more than a weekly call…

In the collective membership you’ll have access to all the ways that I give all in one place at an incredibly affordable rate!

Weekly Mantra Calls: A new topic for each call with deep discussions

Monthly Book Club: I LOVE books and we’ll be spotlighting beautiful personal development books

Monthly Coaching Circle Calls: These calls will be interactive, they’re an opportunity to be coached on the spot by me!

Expansive Library of Resources: Our ever-growing library is filled with downloads, meditations, quizzes, exercises…

Incredible Community: An incredible opportunity to receive and give support


This membership is for you if…


  • You’re a woman who has lived and experienced a lot in your life
  • You have a love of learning and growing
  • You’re tired of feeling alone and are ready to be part of an inspiring, supportive community
  • You believe that things can change, even if you don’t know how…yet.
  • You’re serious about doing the inner work AND you find joy in it


Join today for instant access to…

  • An incredible user-friendly member-only dashboard where you can find EVERYTHING!
  • The ever-growing library of resources
  • The private Facebook Group to jump in on some great connection and conversations
  • Ongoing Support from my amazing team if you get stuck
  • Easy to access calendar of events so you don’t miss a thing


ALL of this for ONLY $22 per month.

Remember, this membership is self-determined: you stay as long as you want