Vision Boards

Creating Daily Practices Download

Simple practices in the morning help me to start my day with mindfulness, positivity and self-care.
Every day I squeeze half a lemon into a glass of warm water and drink it. It is the first thing I put in my body each day reminding me to be conscious about what I choose to eat and drink.
The practices I use set the tone for my day and help me be intentional.
This worksheet is the exact one I use and give to my clients to begin intentionally creating your Daily Practices.
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Metta Meditation Download

I practice a metta meditation each day. It is a buddhist prayer meditation that focuses on connecting with gratitude and then radiating it outward into the world. This ripple effect I believe, has come back to me 10 fold.
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7 Steps To Living A Life Of Your Own Creation Download

I was inspired to write the 7 Steps To Living A Life Of Your Own Creation because these are the steps I haphazardly and inadvertently took on my own transformative journey. They helped me so much, but I wish someone had given me a clear roadmap, like this e-guide to create some ease and direction along the way.
Vision Boards

Creating Your Vision Board Download

Vision Boards help me to keep the vision I have created for myself present in my daily life. They keep me focused on what I want and act as a reminder that my dreams and desires are SO possible and happening right now!!
I am excited to celebrate the amazing things that come into my life this year!
I am excited to witness these dreams, wishes, desires and hopes manifest!
Vision Boards

Journaling: Reflective Thinking Download

Journaling is a very effective practice that supports our personal growth journey. When we write regularly about ourselves, we discover our inner dialogue and unearth our limiting and empowered beliefs. Journaling helps us to find our compassionate voice, both for ourselves and for others. It is an excellent way to express ourselves more fully, creating an avenue for discovering what we want, what matters to us, and what we are ready to release from our lives. Instead of getting stuck in our heads, writing helps us to see things more clearly. It also gives record to our celebrations, resilience, joy, struggle, courage and self-love when we use it regularly.