The Everyday Optimist Membership with Karla Smith Personal Transformation Coach

Aligning with Your Core Values

The Aligning With Your Core Values session explores what personal values you hold and, once identified, how to apply them to make empowered decisions in your personal and professional life. In this 90 minute session we will:
  • identify your top 5 values and create a clear sense of what those values mean to you. 
  • assess how well your core values are aligned in the many areas of your life.
  • develop a clear, simple and effective next steps plan specifically for you to align deeply with your core values
  • create clarity and insight into how your core values will positively impact the choices you make on a daily basis.
Included in your session:
  • You will receive a pre-session email containing your core values checklist and instructions on how to intuitively choose your top values
  • you will have a 90 minute one-on-one coaching session with me where I will guide you to understand how to align deeply with the core values you have chosen 
  • I will prepare and send you your personalized core values alignment assessment which will include your core values and what they mean to you, how aligned you currently are with your core values and the next steps action plan you can implement to create deeper core values alignment.
This session is $279 CAD +applicable taxes
Andra Wochesen
“Karla has a unique ability to help you pull the thread to unwind the knot and get to the core of what is needed to transform. Through my work with her, I have aligned my values, dealt with my inner critic and have come up with new choices and actions that feel congruent and are producing results in both my life and my business!! She’s wonderful!”
Andra W. (Client)

“Her insight into my life, understanding of the roadblocks from my past and how they were affecting all areas of my current life (both personal and professional), were so helpful in comparison to any therapy I have done before.”

– Alison V. (Client)