The Everyday Optimist Membership with Karla Smith Personal Transformation Coach

Elevation Coaching Package

This powerful 4 month package is designed to help you develop the practices and tools you need to create transformative change in your life. 

We will begin by unearthing and resolving the deeper causes of longstanding personal unease in areas of your life, focusing on uncovering the negative patterns and blocks that are unconsciously present and halting you from moving forward.

We will replace those old patterns with positive, empowering and healthy daily practices that will promote a lifetime of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing, creating the foundation for the rest of your life.

And we will create and implement an action plan that supports your vision for your life allowing you to begin stepping into the life you have always known you deserve and have dreamed about.

This package is right for you if you know are ready to make big personal shifts, deepen your self-love, feel elevated, optimistic and joyful, and live a life of your own creation!

   You will receive:

  • 16 powerful and hand-selected, one-to-one coaching sessions tailored to your specific needs and vison (each session is 1 ½ hours in length)
  • Ongoing email and text support throughout the 4 months with Karla to: share your progress, get help with situations that arise, and to have questions answered
  • Weekly resources, activities and tools to support your transformative journey day by day
  • Virtual Welcome Package to kickstart your coaching journey including your daily practice idea launcher, your personal vision guidebook and your first reflective journal prompts
Your Investment:
$3600.00 + applicable taxes
(please ask about payment plans)
Andra Wochesen
“Karla has a unique ability to help you pull the thread to unwind the knot and get to the core of what is needed to transform. Through my work with her, I have aligned my values, dealt with my inner critic and have come up with new choices and actions that feel congruent and are producing results in both my life and my business!! She’s wonderful!”
Andra W. (Client)

“Her insight into my life, understanding of the roadblocks from my past and how they were affecting all areas of my current life (both personal and professional), were so helpful in comparison to any therapy I have done before.”

– Alison V. (Client)