And what happened then? Well, in Whoville they say that the Grinch’s small heart grew three sizes that day.

— Dr. Seuss, How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Our family welcomed a 7 week old kitten into our home early last week. She is the most delightful ball of adorable you could ever imagine. My youngest son is a basketball enthusiast and named her Hoops because she is the colour of a basketball. I know, it’s all just super cute!

Incredible things have happened in our house in just a few short days since her arrival. First, and most spectacular, is the enormous amount of love and care I have witnessed. My 3 boys have all become newborn dads! It is the most heart-warming feeling to watch your kids nurture a new life.

Second, and similarly wonderful are the broader life lessons she has reminded me to pay attention to and share with you. I have had to slow down and really be present in order to take care of her. I have spent the last two weeks really devoting myself to her little needs and comfort. I haven’t been this tired for a while but I also haven’t smiled so much! Here are a few of my favourite life lesson’s she made so obvious to me.

curiosity rocks

Kittens are incredibly curious creatures! She has stuck her nose in every crevice of our apartment. She discovers (and rediscovers)  toys, her tail, her reflection in my mirror, how to get on top of furniture and so many other things all day. It is fascinating to watch her. And, it reminds me that as adults we can often get bogged down with tasks, routines and responsibility leaving no time to roam around looking for some new and cool phenomenon we have yet to discover.

adapt to new situations

We were fortunate enough to adopt this kitten from a lovely family who spent 7 weeks providing Hoops with a loving home. She was with her siblings and mama all that time. It was amazing to observe how quickly she was able to adapt to new humans, new surroundings and losing her family.

 I realize she is a cat and therefore has a pretty small brain but it was still a good reminder that change happens all the time in our lives. The quicker we learn to adapt to it, the more content we will be.

 live joyfully

And the last lovely life lesson I will share is living joyfully. She is so darn bouncy! She plays, purrs and enjoys herself all day (when she isn’t happily sleeping on someone’s warm lap). What an awesome life! Of course we cannot afford to play all day every day but don’t you think it would be nice to remember to do it just a little bit more. Adding a little joy to our habitual lives will create space for a whole lot of happy.

 I encourage you all to spend some time acting like a kitten. Take some time to explore something interesting and new that you can marvel at. Open up to the beauty changes can bring instead of fearing them. And last, but definitely not least, have some old-fashioned fun each and every day!