Self-care is the action of practicing loving kindness to yourself. 

It is the conscious act one takes in order to promote their own physical, mental, social, spiritual and emotional wellbeing.

It is multi-dimensional and each act is interlinked with the next, so the benefits are layered and become exponential the more we practice self-care.

Self-care is so much more than pampering or a luxury. It is a way of operating that acknowledges that you believe your wellbeing is a priority and that you deserve it. Self-care can be woven into anything you are doing on a daily basis. How we learn to speak to ourselves, think about ourselves and treat ourselves involve self-caring practices.

Self-care is self-love in doing/action form.

Sometimes we think we are practicing self-care but still feel like we have low energy, self-doubt, or are critical of ourselves. Identifying areas that we can add in more self-care can help us to have more self-compassion, self-worth and self-confidence.

One of the most important shifts I have made in order to have self-care be a significant part of my lifestyle, has been to recognize that I have control over how I use my time. I have practiced having healthy boundaries, learned how to say no to people so I can say yes to myself, accepted that sometimes I have to choose differently than what is popular, learned to ask for help, and got over my fear of missing out (FOMO)

I realized right from the beginning of my transformation that even though I was a single mom and had a very limited amount of resources, if I focused on my wellbeing and built this loving kindness toward myself into my life, I would be stronger, have more energy, feel more at peace, be more joyful, and feel more connected to myself!

What gets in your way of practicing self-care consistently?

If you’re ready to begin or deepen your self-love practice, take my Self-Love Quiz today to find out where your are now and your next best step.

Much Love,