“Be brave. Without bravery, you will never know the world as richly as it longs to be known. Without bravery, your life will remain small – far smaller than you probably wanted your life to be. ”

— Elizabeth Gilbert

This is a letter I recently wrote to my ego-self after taking on some wonderful new (and big) opportunities in my life. I am sharing this letter with you mostly to conquer my own fear!! I can honestly say this amount of vulnerability scares me A LOT! 

BUT I know the power of community and the importance of being clear about my intentions so I feel compelled to publicly open my heart up to all of you.

Thank you for being part of my community. Thank you for helping me be brave! I am really excited about the possibilities that lie ahead!

My love,

We are at the start of something than we had never dared imagined was possible for us, but my love, it is! It is okay… I understand you are scared but there is no need anymore for that fear. We will be a grand success!

I promise to soothe your worry with a kind and compassionate heart. I promise we will be better than just “okay” or “fine” or “getting by”! And I promise I will share my comfort and wealth with all those we love and care for.

We are about to soar and soar greatly!

I love you and am so grateful to you for keeping me safe and small so we could survive AND we have! I am now healthy, trusting and loved. We can both believe it. We got to this healed place together – you being cautious and careful, always reminding me of all the dangerous possibilities and me slowly becoming more and more courageous and daring!

I am grateful for your protective ways for all those years. I know they helped me get here to this loving, self-aware and worthy place and now I am ready to play big!

I am excited you will be coming with me on this incredible new adventure I have chosen. I am glad you will be experiencing the thrilling ride we are getting on – by the way, how cool is it that our path has an amusement park on it! There will be ups and downs. I will make mistakes. I will have doubts and face challenges and I know you will be there trying to comfort and protect me.

But going forward I am going to rely on a new voice, I call her Blaze. She will help us both because she believes in the power we have. The power to be responsible for those challenges and struggles. The power to look at every opportunity, good or bad, as a learning experience. The power to pick ourselves up in difficult times and try again with gusto! And the power to celebrate our wins, big and small, every day with wild abandon!! She is my joy, my confidence, my self-love!

So my love, not to worry, okay?  Thank you for your many years of service but you are off duty now. I’m good! So sit back, and try your best to relax – it’s going to be a great ride!

So much love,